Saturday, 4 September 2010

What is there to think about?

Did anyone watch a programme last week called Great British Waste Menu?

For any of you who didn't it was programme screened on BBC1 that highlighted the amount of food that our nations supermarkets waste because they have reached their sell by date, are mis-shaped or have torn packaging. The food was analysed and said to be fresh and perfectly edible. After watching this programme I was inspired to approach my local supermarkets and convenience stores to ask them of they could donate some of their 'waste' to the homeless.

I have a friend whose Dad runs a bakery. Therefore it seemed like a good idea to start there. So I called him. I firstly explained what I have been doing to try to help the homeless. I then explained what I wanted him to do to help me. I said "I am not asking you for any of your profitable goods, I am only asking you to donate the bread that has reached it sell by date or is mis- shaped and unable to sell." His immediate reply without even thinking about it was "Well no! Coz I dump it!" I managed to remain calm and I said "well seeing as you do usually 'dump it' can I have all of the bread you would usually dump?" he replied that he would think about it. The conversation did not end there however the end result is that he is still thinking about it. But what on earth is there to think about? Am I being ignorant, is there a valid reason why 'dumped' bread' cannot be donated to those who actually want it, or is he just a fool? tutt tutt

I am yet to actually contact my local supermarkets and convenience stores, although I have drafted out a letter I am yet to send it because I am no longer as confident about the success as I was when I originally thought about it. I promise to send out the letters on Monday, I will follow them up mid - week and let yo all know the feedback.

Pray for me please.


  1. You're doing a great job with your mission. I truly think that just one person can really make a difference in a huge problem. Homelessness is a big problem in my city also-probably cause the weather is mostly temperate all year long, similar to London I suppose.

    We also have the same problem of restaurants, stores, schools, etc just throwing away perfectly good food. Apparently some of the issues for donating the food are legal ones (at least here it is-then again, we are a litigious society!). If someone got sick from the food they might turn around and sue the donator. But other than that-you probably just need to change people's way of thinking and changing their habits.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Jules for your encouraging words. I understand that they might not want to make people sick but I am sure there is a way around it. You are right! I do need to change the way they think.